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Performance & Comics

I love to make comics that lend themselves to video or live performance. Here are some links and videos of the different projects I have gotten to be a part of!

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I organize and host shows where cartoonists can try out live readings and performance comics. Click HERE for a video of one of my acts pre-covid. 

The video above is my animated history of the Vermont Cartoonist Laureate from 2020. 


In fall of 2019, I worked as a graphic facilitator on the Center for Cartoon Studies' "This is What Democracy Looks Like" tour. The tour consisted of visiting several schools a day drawing alongside James Sturm’s lectures about civic engagement.


We were able to teach and engage with middle schoolers and high schoolers by talking about democracy in a visual way. I learned a lot about how to use comics as a tool for explaining difficult concepts. It was also a crash course in live cartooning that opened my eyes to a skill I didn’t know I had.


Click HERE for more information about this project and the Center for Cartoon Studies. 

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